PT. Sahabat Mandiri Utama is a thriving business in the field of providing services and solutions for the delivery either by land, sea, and air. Of course, the services we provide through transport safe and reliable, to contribute to the advancement of customer, employee and community.

We are there to serve the Customer and Colleague Exclusive, we put forward a harmonious relationship in order to produce a better target.

PT. Sahabat Mandiri Hutama aims to ensure the achievement of the management plan and will work together to develop “an individual’s ability” of each employee based on the value of integrity, innovation and commitment, so that the present trust for our customers and society.



Being a leading Cargo Company in Indonesia by promoting relationship to grow and trusted by customer, employees, communities and shareholders.


Our main goal is to provide the best services to provide solutions, time efficiency with the best quality, timeliness and cost-effective.